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How it Works  

What is so good about What’s Good?

What’s Good aims at creating innovative campaigns that stand out in the sea of bland and boring campaigns. What makes us different is our hyper local approach. When a What’s Good user gets within range of your storefront they will immediately receive an ad right to their phone letting them know about your current special, promotional offer, upcoming event, menu or anything else you’d like to share.


    Create Mobile Proximity Campaigns

    By leveraging beacon technology we allow you to deliver coupons, specials, promotional offers and much more directly to potential customers in your area.


    Manage Beacons&Wi-Fi Spots

    What’s Good allows you to assign beacons and Wi-Fi spots to proximity campaigns and the platform is compatible with What’s Good approved beacons.


    Ready to Use Mobile App

    What’s Good has its own mobile app which allows users to download for free. Our network of users is growing each day.


    Push Campaigns

    We allow retailers to stay in touch with their customers by sending them push notifications. This is an effective way to spread their campaigns regardless of where their potential customers are!


    Geofence Campaigns

    What’s Good allows retailers to send Campaign notifications to people once they have entered a specific geographic area, with Geofence Campaigns. This helps get more local customers in the door!


    Demographics & Scheduling

    We allow our retailers to profile their consumers based on age, gender or interest in order to better reach their target consumers. Furthermore ...


    Loyalty Program

    Our Loyalty Campaigns allow you to reward your loyal customers with coupons or points for making purchases from the store.


    Customer Data

    We collect data from all our users. We share the data of people who have passed by your shop with you!


    Viral Social Sharing

    We promote viral sharing to boost customer response and encourage them to share your content on social media.


It has been proven that returning customers tend to spend more money than new costumers; we encourage our sellers to focus on maintaining the loyalty of their existing clients. What’s good about What’s Good is that our Loyalty Campaign allows you to reward your loyal customers with coupons, or points for making purchases from the store. This is guaranteed to enhance your sales!


    Offer your customers loyalty stamps and rewards to encourage them to keep shopping.


    Coupons are a wonderful way to increase customer retention, increase your sales by offering coupons, rewards and discounts to your customers.


    Offering loyalty points to your customers will keep them interested in making more purchases at your shop. It is proven that offering loyalty incentives to your consumers allow them to feel a special bond with your company.


Companies develop different campaigns with the goal of sending an effective message to your target audience at the perfect time. Developing and maintaining a special bond and connection with your clients is the goal of marketing. To truly personalize campaign and ensure maximum effectivity, collecting consumer data is absolutely essential.

What’s Good handles this for you, by collecting customers’ names, e-mail address and social profile information. We collect personal data including age, gender and their interests to make it easier for you to target the right audience.




The goal of campaigning is to make it viral so that it may reach the maximum number of viewers. What’s Good allows users to share your campaign with their friends via social network sharing such as Facebook, Pinterest and Email to allow great offers to get in front of more local customers.


Our platform allows you to create and deliver proximity campaigns that are rich with media. Media is an effective tool to get
your message across, so use it in the form of text, images, URL’s, audio or video using our pre-formed templates and make your
campaign even more effective.

Image + Description

You can add images along with their description for greater effectiveness.


Increase your customer engagement by adding video to your campaigns.


You can add your menu to a campaign and show your specials.


Increase conversions by adding a call to action to your proximity campaign.


As a business owner, being a part of the fast growing What’s Good network is a huge advantage. What’s Good grows so quickly each day because so many businesses are signing up and so many users are downloading our free app. As a business on What’s Good you’ll also enjoy the advantage of being on our town specific monthly e mail newsletter letting everyone know about your offers each and every month!


A Geofence is basically a virtual boundary for a specific area. We can generate a Geofence around a store, street or even an entire town. Once a customer enters the defined area, they will automatically receive notifications on their mobile device. This will ensure that all potential consumers that are near your shop are notified about any promotions or deals at your shop.


At What’s Good, we understand the importance of customer behavior. We use Big Data to measure visits, new visitors, frequently visited locations and much more. This information will allow you to optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy and how they are affected by your marketing campaigns. Use this data to learn the preference of your visitors and adjust your marketing techniques to attract them with exciting offers.


Through our easy to use website backend you can manage all of your deals online through our dashboard. We give you complete control to add, modify and delete campaigns at the touch of a button if you’d like.

If you prefer we can handle all of the deal management for you so you have time to focus on running your business.


Engage and enrich your potential consumer's experience with fun and memorable events. It’s a great platform for personal contact with consumers and a fun way to educate them about your products. Offer your customers welcoming gifts, engage them in scavenger hunts and show them presentations all of which will surely engage your potential clients.

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  • Starter Package

    1. E Mail & Data Capture
    2. Loyalty Program
    3. 2 Beacons
    4. Promotional Posters
    5. What's Good Check Inserts
    6. App Promotion Tables Tents
    7. Low Set Up Fee
    8. Low Monthly Fee
    9. Exclusive Pre Sale
    10. Fully Set Up For You!
    11. Sale Ends: 7/1/2016
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  • Business Package

    1. E Mail & Data Capture
    2. Loyalty Program
    3. Deal Beacon Technology
    4. 3 Beacons
    5. Promotional Posters
    6. What's Good Check Inserts
    7. App Promotion Tables Tents
    8. Low Set Up Fee
    9. Low Monthly Fee
    10. Advanced Analytics Reports
    11. Fully Set Up For You!
    12. Sale Ends: 7/1/2016
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  • Premier Package

    1. E Mail & Data Capture
    2. Loyalty Program
    3. Deal Beacon Technology
    4. 3 Beacons
    5. Promotional Posters
    6. What's Good Check Inserts
    7. App Promotion Tables Tents
    8. Low Set Up Fee
    9. Low Monthly Fee
    10. Advanced Analytics Reports
    11. Custom Deal Graphics
    12. Featured On Our Monthly Newsletter
    13. Fully Set Up and Managed For You!
    14. Sale Ends: 7/1/2016
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